Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc.

Standards, Admissions & Recertification

The committee is primarily responsible for establishing and reviewing the requirements for initial certification and recertification. The 2008-09 committee was also tasked with developing the policy and procedures for the CLP recertification program.

2018 Committee Members:

David Gulley, Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust
Brendan Rauw, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
Dirk Benedict, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Garold Breit, Breit Ideas LLP
Georg Buchtela
Robert Chao, radius IP
Andrea Chiu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Halina Dziewit, LathropGage LLP
Scott Gillespie, Jigsaw Group
Clifford Michaels, Emory University
Alan Paau, Advance Immune Medical Systems
Denis Sather, Oregon State University 
Tim Seeley, Intellectual Ventures
Michelle Stoll, Harris Corporation


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Phone: (888) 391-7719 Email: clpinfo@licensingcertification.org
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