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I earned the CLP because it provides knowledge that I can use in my various professional responsibilities, including developing a patenting strategy, a copyright strategy and negotiating license agreements.  I would recommend earning the CLP distinction to anyone currently working in or aspiring to work in the licensing industry.

- Bruce Harrer, CLP
Commercialization Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Industry Testimonials

What are CLP certificants saying about the value of earning the CLP certification? Read below to find out.

"I recently obtained, or should I say, earned, my CLP status.  Because of my experience in the profession (you can interpret that as my advanced age, but I prefer my advanced length of service), I would have been eligible for the grandfathered application.  I chose, however to actually take the test in order to better understand what it entails and how it will promote the licensing profession.  I am happy to report that I passed!

I will continue to work with the CLP organization to further improve the test to incorporate additional questions specifically pertinent to academic licensing and to advocate for its use and acceptance in academic institutions, first in the United States and then globally.  I can now say from personal experience, it IS a good test, it CAN and WILL be an important professional certification for our members."

- Robin L. Rasor, MS, CLP, Director of Licensing and Ventures, Duke University and Past President, AUTM


“In our pursuit to become a premier business development supply chain organization, we identified the CLP certification as an objective measure of the effectiveness of our upskilling efforts.   I’m happy to say that the investments we made in honing our skills and preparing for the challenging exam was rewarded with 14 new Certified Licensing Professionals within GSBD.   I look forward to the day where everyone in my organization can demonstrate this level of mastery in a unique and crucial profession.”

- Bob Kanuga, CLP, Vice President, Global Supply Business Development, Merck & Co., Inc.

“Earning and maintaining your designation as a Certified Licensing Professional will distinguish you in the licensing industry as someone with experience and knowledge. Our Office now requires that new senior licensing associates be CLP-certified or eligible to take the exam.”

-Wes Blakeslee, CLP, Executive Director, The Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer, at Johns Hopkins University

"With more than 18 years of assertive licensing experience I value most a licensor with the confidence and knowledge to arrive at a conclusion, to get a deal done.  Knowing the person I am negotiating with is a CLP is a significant benefit to me.  It raises my confidence that we can work toward a resolution instead of wasting efforts on non-productive posturing.  I hope it says the same to him about me."

-Chuck Neuenschwander


“I became a CLP to affirm and certify that I had the knowledge and expertise of a licensing professional.  I maintain my credential as I work in the field, it motivates me to continue to add to my knowledge, and the credential is recognized by external parties as well as my peers.

As a volunteer on the Standards, Admissions, and Recertification (SAR) committee, I benefit from discovering the depth and breadth of CLPs involved and engaged in a diversity of continuing education activities that continue to contribute to our profession.“ 

- David L. Gulley, PhD, CLP, Director, Technology Transfer Office, Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust


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