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CLP certification sets a standard that lets those active in the licensing industry know that an individual possess a certain level of knowledge about licensing and has a track record of accomplishment in the field. I was motivated to earn the CLP because the requirements for certification implied that successful candidates will possess two key assets: a track record of accomplishment in the licensing field and in-depth knowledge about the field.

- Michael Dilling, CLP
Baylor College of Medicine

Exam Development & Maintenance

The committee is responsible for recommending policies related to the development, maintenance and administration of the exam. The committee also participates in ongoing exam development activities.

2019 Committee Members: 

Chair: Natasha Jones, University of Kentucky
Co-Chair: Antoine Bellemare, Fonds Innovexport
Pooja Bhatia, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Moumita Chakraborty, University of Southern California
Anthony delCampo, Strategic Clarity Consulting, LLC
Wenyue Du, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Islam El-Deek, King FAhd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Josef Geoola, Ingentium Limited
Scott Gillespie, Jigsaw Group
Feng Han, X-Cutag Therapeutics, Inc.
James Jessop, Hydro-Quebec
Kevin Lei, Emory University
Huihui Li, China Patent Ageng (H.K.) Ltd.
Rakesh Venkatakrishna Pandit, University of Southern California
Janis Paradiso, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Stephen Selznick, Cassels Brock & BLackwell LLP
Joseph Simeone, Merck & Co, Inc.
Paul Thompson, UCB SA
Pradeep Kumar Vasudevan Pillai, MSD International GmBh
Benning Wang, Penn Center for Innovation, University of Pennsylvania
Maura Warner, Trinity Biostrategy
James Woods, Economic Analytics Consulting, LLC
Michael Wu, Blue Angel Partners

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