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I have been through the first round of the CLP certification exams (back in 2008), and I can testify that preparing for that was a challenging and rewarding experience. I learned a great deal and it helped me round out my licensing knowledge. I'm glad I got certified; the process and end result was worth it."

- Antoine Bellemare, Ph.D., CLP

Technology Transfer Officer, Université Laval

Bruce Harrer Bio

bruceBruce Harrer, Battelle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

After joining Battelle in 1979, Mr. Harrer spent 10 years as a research analyst conducting various types of studies for government and private clients.  In 1988, he was detailed to the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.  During this time, he assisted the Office of Science in its oversight responsibilities for five multi-program national laboratories. 

Upon his return to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 1991, Mr. Harrer worked in PNNL’s Office of Strategic Planning and also managed major public/private partnership programs.  At its peak, this program was funded at PNNL at a level of approximately $7 million in Government funds with a like amount of matching effort from industry.  He had responsibility for overseeing the selection of projects funded by the program and for negotiation and execution of the agreements necessary to enable these partnerships, including cooperative research & development agreements and licenses. 

In 1996, as Commercialization Manager, Mr. Harrer was given responsibility for managing and commercializing intellectual property arising from PNNL’s Fundamental Science Division.  In 2002, due to an internal reorganization, this responsibility was modified to focus on analytical instrumentation and selected areas of thin-film materials.  Since assuming this responsibility, Mr. Harrer has negotiated numerous licenses and option agreements in these areas, and has also negotiated cooperative agreements with these companies that have served to enable subsequent licenses.  

Mr. Harrer holds a B.S. from Washington State University, a M.S. from Purdue University, and a MBA from the university of Washington. He became a Certified Licensing Professional in 2011 by virtue of passing the examination and has served for the last several years on the CLP Examination Review Committee.



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