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Professional certification is an important differentiator, especially internationally, and confirms mastery of licensing knowledge and skills.I highly encourage individuals to earn CLP certification.”

- Pamela L. Cox, CLP,
Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions And Answers

When will my CLP credential expire?

The CLP certification is recognized for a period of three years.  The printed certificate you received after earning the CLP certification lists the date your credential will expire. If certification is not renewed, it expires the last day of the month, three (3) years after certification was initially earned.

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If I have lost my certificate, can I get another copy?

CLP has replaced the issuance of paper certificates with secure digital bages. Digital badges are shareable across the certificant's social media presence, email signature, and more. A PDF certificate with QR verification code is also available in the certificant's digital badge profile. 

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Why should I recertify?

Recertification demonstrates your personal commitment to ensuring high standards within the licensing profession. By recertifying your credential, you demonstrate that you have maintained the knowledge and the skills necessary to be a certified licensing professional.  Earning your certification was a significant career achievement, and maintaining it helps fulfill your personal and professional goals and may increase your career opportunities and job mobility.

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Do I have to pay an annual fee to maintain my CLP credential?

No. There is a non-refundable renewal fee of $425 that is due every three years at the time of recertification.

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How do I access the online application?

The online application is available via the CLP website

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What activities can be used to earn continuing professional development credit?

Continuing professional development can be earned from a variety of professional development activities. These are activities in which you are likely already participating, including: 

  • Attendance at industry educational events (conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars, higher education courses, etc.) 
  • Speaking at industry educational events (conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars, higher education courses, etc.) 
  • Writing articles, books, or book chapters
  • Practical experience
  • Expert witness testimony

A full list of activities and the number of credits earned for each activity is included in the Continuing Professional Development Summary on the web site.

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Does CLP keep track of my participation in events such as the AUTM, LES or BIO annual meetings?

No. Candidates are responsible for tracking and reporting the number of credits they earn that meet the CLP recertification criteria. CLP will review credits submitted by candidates to determine if they meet the recertification criteria.

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If a course or event is approved for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit, does the same value apply for CLP continuing professional development credit?

Not necessarily. CLP does not assign values to industry events. Each candidate is required to track and self-report the credits they earn from educational activities related to the CLP exam content.

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Do networking events count towards the CLP continuing professional development requirement?

No. CLP will consider events that are educational in focus such as concurrent sessions, workshops, etc. The Recertification Committee will not consider social or networking events.

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Will CLP accept a hard copy application?

No. CLP will only accept recertification applications via the online system.

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Can I submit my application before my certification expires?

You may submit your application up to one year prior to your expiration date.

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If I submit my application early, what will my new expiration date for my CLP credential be? When will I have to recertify again?

If you submit your application early (up to one year before your deadline) your credential will be valid for three years from your original recertification deadline.  You will not lose any time if you recertify early.

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Can I keep track of my continuing professional development activity with CLP?

Yes. You may log into the online application and enter your continuing professional development activity as it occurs. The system will save your submissions.

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What happens if my recertification is denied?

If your application is denied, CLP will provide you with information about the appeals process.

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If I submit my application early, can I count any continuing professional development activity between the date that I submit my application and my expiration date toward my next renewal cycle?


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What if I fail to recertify and my certificate has expired?

If certification is not renewed, it expires the last day of the month, three (3) years after certification was initially earned or last renewed. An individual whose CLP credential has expired for 1 year or less may reinstate by meeting all of the renewal requirements, submitting a renewal application, paying the non-refundable renewal fee of $425 and an additional administrative fee of $100 (total of $525). After CLP, Inc. approves the renewal application, a new certificate will be sent. The expiration date of the reinstated certification will be the same as if the certification had been renewed on time.

An individual whose CLP credential has expired for more than 1 year must re‐apply for certification. To re‐apply the individual must meet all eligibility requirements in place at the time of re‐application, pay the initial application fee, and pass the CLP exam.

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Will CLP verify the information in my recertification application?

A percentage of renewal applications will be audited each year to verify the information submitted. Individuals whose renewal applications are selected for audit will be required to submit evidence that all requirements have been sufficiently met.

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How do I update my contact information or profile in the CLP system?

Visit https://app.certemy.com/entry/login to update your profile information. Note you must also update Registry Fields if applicable. Select Forgot Password or Reset Password if you do not remember your login information. Email CLP at clpinfo@licensingcertification.org for assistance.

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