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Earning CE Credits

To ensure that the renewal process contributes to the professional development of CLP certificants across a variety of issues, CLP CE credits can be obtained from the following areas.

CLP CE Summary Table 

Topic Area


 CLP CE Credit 

Attendance and participation in industry events 

  • National conferences

  • Regional conferences/meetings

  • Educational workshops, webinars, seminars, etc. 

  • 1 clock hour of participation = 1 CLP CE credit 

Presentations/speaking engagements 

  • Related to licensing

  • At conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc. 

  • 1 clock hour of participation = 3 CLP CE credits 

Writing/publishing on relevant industry topics

  • Company newsletter article 

  • Self-publishing 

  • Published article that is not peer-reviewed

  • Peer-reviewed journal article 

  • Published book chapter

  • Published book/textbook 

  •  1 article (Company newsletter article or self-publishing) = 5 CLP CE credits 

  • 1 article (Published article that is not peer-reviewed) = 15 CLP CE credits 

  • 1 article (Peer-reviewed journal article) = 30 CLP CE credits 

  • 1 chapter (Published book chapter) = 30 CLP CE credits 

  • 1 book (Published book/textbook) = 40 CLP CE credits

Full-time employment 

  • 12 months of full-time employment as defined in the recertification policy. 1 CLP CE credit is awarded per 2 months of full-time employment. 

  • 12 months = 6 CLP CE credits per year 

  • 2 months = 1 CLP CE credit per year 

(candidates may not earn more than 18 hours per 3-year recertification cycle for this activity)

Expert witness or arbiter

  • Serve as an expert witness or arbiter on  licensing matter in court 

  • 1 clock hour of participation as an expert witness = 1 CLP CE credit (candidates may not earn more than 18 hours annually for this activity)



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