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"CLP increases your marketability quotient, gives you and others a confidence while dealing with you and offers entry into an elite club of professionals.

-Pooja Bhatia, MBA, CLP, RTTP

Innovation-Technology Transfer Office (i-TTO) of the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

CLP Emeritus Recipients

Lisa Anselmino

Stephen J. Baggott

Robert Chao

Kathleen Denis, Ph.D.

John A. Fraser

Pearce Gilbert

Milton H. Grannatt, Ph.D. 

Michele Gunness, Ph.D.

Gary L. Haag

Anthony W. Higgs, Ph.D.

Timothy R. Howe, Ph.D., Esq.

Sean Irvine

Janice Jaferian, Ph.D.

Donald G. Kelly

Dharmesh Kharwar, MPharm, MBA

William Killian

Michael Lechter, JD

Alan Lewis

Vera Lipton, Ph.D.

Carol Ludington

Tatiana K. Moore

Dwight Olson

Scott Phillips

Alan Poskanzer, Ph.D.

Spencer Pugh

Barbara Sawitsky, MBA

Mark Andrew Smith

Catherine Sohn, Pharm.D.

Will Swearingen, Ph.D.

Robert L. Thomas, Jr.

Charles Till

Raymond A. Wheatley, MS

Warren Woessner, PhD, JD

Bert Wong

Michael A. Yeomans, Ph.D.


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