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CLP Emeritus FAQs

What is the purpose of the CLP Emeritus status?

CLP, Inc. has received requests from CLP-certified individuals to create a program that recognizes their professional accomplishments and achievement of earning/maintaining the CLP credential after they have stepped back from full-time employment. The CLP Emeritus status identifies individuals that intend to remain somewhat active in licensing/IP through part-time work or volunteer efforts.

My CLP credential lapsed last year. Can I apply for Emeritus status?

Yes, provided you have held the CLP credential, in good standing, within the previous three (3) years, and meet the program’s requirements, you may apply for Emeritus status.

Will I be required to pay the $150 fee more than once?

No. The $150USD fee is a one-time fee required only at the time of the application submission.

What documentation is required with my application?

Documentation is not required. Individuals applying for the CLP Emeritus status must attest to their current employment status. Individuals found to violate the policies and eligibility requirements of the CLP Emeritus program will have the designation revoked.

Does Emeritus status require a professional to have been certified for a minimum number of years?

No. Individuals are able to apply for the status at any time. However, it is presumed an individual would not apply until the certification cycle has ended and will have held the credential at least three (3) years.

I am no longer working full time (30+ hours/week), but I do some part time work, independent consulting, and/or pro bono work, etc. Can I apply for the CLP Emeritus status?

Yes. If you are working in a part-time capacity, you may apply for the credential. If you re-enter full-time employment, the Emeritus status must be surrendered, and you must re-apply, pay for, and pass the CLP examination in order to use the CLP credential again.

Are individuals who hold the CLP Emeritus status able to volunteer with CLP?

Yes. CLP, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with CLP Emeritus designees in many volunteer capacities, including service on CLP committees, task forces, or the Board of Governors.

Is CE required to maintain CLP Emeritus status?

No.  There is no maintenance of the CLP Emeritus status as is required to maintain active CLP certification. If an individual returns to full time employment, he/she is no longer eligible to use the CLP Emeritus status, and must re-apply, pay for, and pass the CLP examination in order to reinstate the CLP credential.

How do I apply for CLP Emeritus status?

Complete the application found on the CLP web site, submit the one-time payment of $150USD via check, and mail both to Certified Licensing Professionals at 1927 S. Tryon St., Suite 106, Charlotte, NC 28203.


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