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New Credential Management System Coming Soon - Update as of September 2021

Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP) will transition to a new credential management system (CMS) this fall. The new CMS will offer an improved user experience to applicants and credential holders. During this migration, current certificants' record, including contact information and certification dates, will transfer to the new system.

As we prepare to migrate to the new CMS, please note that any in-process application information will not transfer to the new system. Therefore, you should login to your current account to submit any in-process applications or retrieve a copy of recertification application information you wish to retain no later than Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 11:59pm ET. After that date, any application information you may have stored in the Scantron system will be no longer available.

We look forward to providing more information about the new platform, including how to access it, soon. In the meantime, contact clpinfo@licensingcertification.org with any questions.

Recertification - Updated May 2021

The continuing competence of certified licensing professionals is a major interest of CLP, Inc. Certified Licensing Professionals (CLPs) are required to demonstrate continued competence in the field of licensing to maintain their certification status. The CLP credential is granted for a three-year period.

To maintain the credential, candidates must earn at least 40 continuing professional development credits during the 3-year certification period. Credits can be earned through a variety of activities such as speaking at industry events, participating in industry events, writing, practical experience, or serving as an expert witness. As of May 2021, the CLP Board of Governors has revised the recertification requirements to align with its understanding that individuals maintain continued competence and currency in the field in a variety of ways. View this infographic for a summary of the changes. 

Download the Candidate Handbook for complete details on the recertification requirements, including:

  • Acceptable sources and value of continuing professional development activities

  • Failure to recertify

  • Reinstatement

  • Verification

You can access the recertification application at http://www.scantronassessment.com/clp/. Find Recertification Instructions and pointers for completing the CLP Recertification Application here. Ensure you include the required details for each activity you submit. Requirements are outlined in the Candidate Handbook

Candidates may access and submit the online recertification application up to one year prior to their renewal date. Please note that no paper applications will be accepted. You must submit your recertification application and payment using the online application.

If you have questions regarding recertification, please contact CLP at clpinfo@licensingcertification.org.

Recertification Timeframe

The CLP Board of Governors has determined, after considering a large scope of issues that face licensing professionals and the frequency at which information is updated and expanded, that the CLP credential will be recognized for a period of three (3) years from the last day of the month in which certification was earned. If certification is not renewed, it expires the last day of the month, three (3) years after certification was initially earned. For example, if a candidate took and passed the CLP exam on April 15, 2020, the credential must be renewed by April 30, 2023 in order to keep it active.

CLP, Inc. will send you specific instructions, dates, and criteria for recertification after you become certified; however, it is your responsibility to submit documentation of your continuing professional development credits by the deadlines outlined above. There are no exceptions to the deadline for renewal based on failure to receive renewal application materials. It is also your responsibility to update your profile and contact information with the CLP.

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