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CLP Rules of Professional Conduct

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Rules of Professional Conduct

To promote and establish the professional standing of those designated Certified Licensing Professionals (“CLP Designee”) and to enhance the trust of the public in the CLP program, Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc. (“CLP, Inc.”) has adopted the following rules of professional conduct.

A CLP Designee shall not willfully or knowingly violate or attempt to violate these rules of professional conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another.

For purposes of these rules of professional conduct, the conduct of a corporation, partnership or other entity which is substantially owned, controlled or managed by a CLP Designee may be imputed to him or her provided that the CLP Designee has knowledge of and control over the conduct. 

The spirit of these rules should be a proper guide for the conduct of CLP Designees to establish confidence of the public in the intellectual property licensing profession.

1. Obligation Under Other Rules of Professional Conduct

The duties imposed by these rules of conduct shall be in addition to any and all rules of professional conduct imposed by the membership or status of a CLP Designee in other professions or organizations.

2. Duty to Client/Employer

A CLP Designee shall act with honesty, fidelity, professionalism and civility towards his/her client or employer (such client(s) and/or employer(s), hereafter collectively “Client”). 

As an agent or employee of a Client, a CLP Designee performs various functions:

i.      As advisor, a CLP Designee shall provide a Client with an informed judgment regarding potentially licensable properties and, as necessary, explain their practical implications.

ii.     As an advocate, a CLP Designee shall represent the Client's position within the context of advancing the Client’s interests arising from potentially licensable properties.

iii.   As a negotiator, a CLP Designee shall seek a result advantageous to the Client but consistent with requirements of fair and honest dealings with others.

iv.    As an evaluator, a CLP Designee shall examine potentially licensable properties and provide a complete and unbiased report about them.

3. Dishonesty, Fraud, Deceit or Misrepresentation

In the course of representing the interests of a Client, a CLP Designee shall not knowingly engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

4. Conflicts

A CLP Designee shall not represent both parties involved in the licensing or sale of intellectual property, or represent conflicting interests in the same transaction without first notifying and obtaining the express consent of both parties involved.

A CLP Designee shall disclose to his or her Client any interest of which he or she is aware that may be adverse or potentially adverse to the Client, or that may be perceived to be in conflict with the interests of a Client, including any significant personal financial interest that may be perceived as conflicting.

5. Confidence

A CLP Designee shall not reveal confidential information of a Client except: 

i.      as allowed by a signed non-disclosure agreement (or similar agreement that imposed confidentiality obligations on the CLP Designee) that has been executed between the CLP Designee and the Client; or

ii.     the Client gives specific informed consent to the CLP Designee; or

iii.   the disclosure by the CLP Designee is authorized or permitted or required by applicable law. 

6. Advertising and Solicitation

A CLP Designee shall not behave in a manner that denigrates the CLP program.

In particular, a CLP Designee may not use any business card, letterhead, directory listing, advertising material or other form of documentation or communication that is false, deceptive or misleading, or likely to create false or exaggerated expectations as to the skill, experience or ability of such CLP Designee; the value or cost of the services or facilities offered; or the results to be accomplished through such services or facilities.

A CLP Designee may use the acronym “CLP” or the full text version, “Certified Licensing Professional" to identify himself or herself as a Certified Licensing Professional; however CLP, Inc., in its sole discretion and with no compensation to the CLP Designee, may disallow any such use at any time. 

Please note that the letters “CLP” should appear in a font no larger than the name of the individual and/or the Client of such individual. 

A CLP Designee shall not make any other use of the acronym “CLP” or the full text version, “Certified Licensing Professional,” without prior authorization of CLP, Inc.

7. Privacy and Membership Lists

CLP, Inc. may collect, use and disseminate the information from CLP Designees that is collected in the completed application or membership form (“Information”), which Information is acknowledged as having been voluntarily provided, for the following purposes: 

i.      to provide notices and information about CLP, Inc., its activities and meetings, to CLP Designees through mail, fax, email or other mode of communication;

ii.     to publish Information in CLP, Inc. directories, available in hard copy, electronic and otherwise;

iii.   to publish Information in CLP, Inc. meeting/function attendance lists; and

iv.    to maintain Information in CLP, Inc. databases for use by CLP, Inc., and officers, board members, consultants and contractors of CLP, Inc., in furtherance of activities of CLP, Inc.

CLP, Inc. will not sell Information, but CLP, Inc. may exchange information lists with organizations of like interests.

A CLP Designee may contact CLP, Inc. to find what information the organization has about the CLP Designee in its files.

The Information is retained while a relevant individual is a CLP Designee and until the end of the third (3rd) calendar year thereafter.

The membership and attendance lists are the property of CLP, Inc. and are entrusted to CLP Designees for their personal information only. 

Reproduction or commercial use of such lists is not authorized without the prior written permission of CLP, Inc.  Violation of this rule may lead to revocation of CLP status and enforcement pursuant to Sections 8 and 9 of this Code of Conduct. 

8. Enforcement

Enforcement of any of the rules in this Code of Conduct shall be pursuant to Section 3.06(3) of the Professional Practice and Disciplinary Policy and Procedures, which is found in the CLP, Inc. Policy and Procedure Manual.

9. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

It is the duty of each CLP Designee to comply with all applicable multi-national, federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.

10. Changes                                                                                                                                                                       

Any changes to these rules of conduct may be promulgated from time to time by the CLP, Inc. Board of Governors, and shall be effective upon sending notification of such changes to all CLP Designees and the posting of such rules on the website of CLP, Inc.


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