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There is a certain amount of personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement when you do something well – no matter what that task is. If you are a licensing professional, studying for and obtaining the CLP credential enables you to execute better quality transactions.

- Sian Godwin, CLP

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Practice Test

CLP offers two Practice Tests to help individuals prepare to take the certification exam. CLP offers one practice test at no charge, available by request. CLP also offers an online practice test with distinct practice items in an online format available for purchase. 

Each practice test includes 50 multiple‐choice questions that are representative of the content areas and question format of the CLP certification exam. The questions included in this practice test are not currently in use and will never appear on a scored (or active) version of the certification exam.

Practice tests are unproctored, and statistical analysis of item/exam performance is not completed. Performance on a practice exam is not necessarily indicative of performance on the actual CLP certification exam. The purpose of a practice test is to provide candidates with a tool to familiarize themselves with the types of questions they may encounter on the exam.

The complimentary practice test form includes an answer key with which you may self-score the exam. The answer key includes the content domain and task statement associated with each item for your reference.

The online practice test form includes a score report with additional information on the correct and incorrect answer choices. 

Please review the reference list found on the CLP website. Once you take a practice test, you may wish to focus your study efforts on particular domains, and so the online reference list is provided by domain. Industry organizations such as LES and AUTM offer in person or virtual review courses, which individuals may opt to utilize to augment their exam preparation. Please check the organizations’ websites for specific information.

Do not divulge the nature or content of any items on the practice tests with any individuals including, but not limited to, other candidates, other certified licensing professionals, co‐workers, and the general public.

To purchase access to the newly released online practice test on ClassMarker, click here. Two attempts are included in the purchase. 

To request a copy of the complimentary CLP practice test, click here. Once your completed form is received, CLP will send you a PDF of the pratice test and answer key.

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