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CLP certification sets a standard that lets those active in the licensing industry know that an individual possess a certain level of knowledge about licensing and has a track record of accomplishment in the field. I was motivated to earn the CLP because the requirements for certification implied that successful candidates will possess two key assets: a track record of accomplishment in the licensing field and in-depth knowledge about the field.

- Michael Dilling, CLP
Baylor College of Medicine

Practice Test

The CLP Practice Test is now available for download at no cost to interested candidates for a limited time. 

The practice test includes 50 multiple-choice questions that are representative of the questions on the CLP certification exam. The content areas of the practice test are comparable to those of the actual certification exam, though the questions included in this practice test will never appear on a future certification exam.

For best results, candidates are advised to concentrate your study efforts on the content areas where they demonstrated weakness rather than to focus on the specific questions that gave them trouble. Remember, these questions will never be on the actual certification exam.

Once your completed form is received, CLP will send you a PDF of the pratice test and answer key. Do not divulge the nature or content of any items on this practice test with any individuals including, but not limited to, other candidates, other certified licensing professionals, co‚Äźworkers, and the general public.

To request a copy of the CLP Practice Test, click here.

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Please note: Candidates registered for the CLP exam will receive online access to this version of the practice test through CASTLE Worldwide and receive a brief diagnostic information detailing their areas of strength and weakness at the domain level. In addition, for any question answered incorrectly by the candidate, the full question, including the answer, will be displayed on the report. There is only one version of the practice test


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