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"In our pursuit to become a premier business development supply chain organization, we identified the CLP certification as an objective measure of the effectiveness of our upskilling efforts.   I’m happy to say that the investments we made in honing our skills and preparing for the challenging exam was rewarded with 14 new Certified Licensing Professionals within GSBD.   I look forward to the day where everyone in my organization can demonstrate this level of mastery in a unique and crucial profession.”

-Bob Kanuga, CLP,

Vice President, Global Supply Business Development, Merck & Co., Inc.

Exam Administration

**COMING SOON: CLP will offer live online-proctored (LOP) administrations for the October 2019 window. Scheduling for LOP administrations is not yet available. Please check the web site often for the latest updates.**

CLP, Inc. administers the certification exam in partnership with its testing vendor, Scantron Assessment (formerly Castle Worldwide). Beginning with the October 2019 testing window, candidates may schedule the exam appointment at a Scantron testing center or may schedule a live online-proctored (LOP) testing appointment and take the exam at a home or office location. Scantron will send detailed scheduling directions to candidates following application approval.

Read the following sections. Complete exam administration information and requirements will be available in the Candidate Handbook soon. 

Scantron Testing Center Administration

Scantron maintains testing centers throughout the world for the secure, proctored administration of the Certified Licensing Professional examination. For a complete list of testing centers, go to http://www.scantronassessment.com/cww/our-solutions/test-delivery/test-site-cities/. The lists presented on this site are complete lists of the vendor’s testing sites; however, not every site will be available during every testing window. Testing centers are subject to change without notice, and testing centers maintain individual dates and times of operations.

Once a candidate’s application is approved, Scantron will send a notice to schedule email that includes a link to the online scheduling system. The candidate will be able to view an updated listing of testing centers as well as the available testing appointments, including dates and timesusing the scheduling system. Morning and afternoon testing sessions are typically available. Testing appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Accordingly, candidates are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Candidates may test at Scantron testing centers outside of the United States and Canada for an additional fee of $125 (U.S. dollars) paid during the scheduling process by secure e-commerce and assessed for each testing attempt in an international test center. Testing centers are available in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, the Far East, and Australia. Information on international testing centers and methods for scheduling will be included in the notice to schedule email.

Live Online-Proctored (LOP) Administration

CLP will offer live online-proctored (LOP) administrations through its testing vendor, Scantron Assessment, for the October 2019 exam window. LOP test administration allows candidates to complete their examinations from their own computers via an internet connection at a time and place of their choosing. Testing sessions are available 24/7/365, based on seating availability. No international testing fee is assessed for LOP administrations.

Scantron uses its proprietary software, Scantron PASS™, to deliver examinations to candidates. Scantron partners with Examity for the online, real-time monitoring of testing candidates. The candidate’s computer must have webcam capability as well as a microphone and speakers, and the environment should be quiet to avoid distractions and to ensure that the online proctor can hear everything at the candidate’s location. There are technical requirements, such as an adequate internet connection, to ensure that the proctor can access the candidate’s computer and that the session can proceed without internet disruption. For LOP test administrations, candidates are responsible for ensuring their testing environment meets the minimum requirements to take the exam. View the LOP system requirements here

As part of the scheduling process, candidates first confirm their demographic information, attest to Scantron’s privacy policy, and test their computer for both examination delivery and live proctoring system requirements. Candidates whose computers fail the check of system requirements receive feedback on the hardware or software issues. The candidate must correct the issue, update the computer, or obtain another computer to complete the testing appointment. Following these administrative tasks, the candidate selects “Schedule” to proceed to testing appointment scheduling.


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