Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc.

Application and Fees

The CLP application and exam fee is $995 USD.

The application fee includes the processing of the application and two testing opportunities within a 13-month period that ends on the last day of the 13th month after the candidate submits the application. If the candidate does not take the examination or does not successfully complete the examination within the 13-month period, then the application is closed and the candidate must reapply and pay the application fee again.
If the candidate fails the examination, and the candidate has another testing window available on his/her 13-month eligibility, then the candidate can schedule a second testing appointment. To schedule another testing appointment, the candidate must return to Castle's scheduling system (using the link provided in the initial notice to schedule email). When the candidate returns, he/she will be able to schedule a second testing appointment.
CLP applications are accepted online only and on a continual basis through CASTLE Worldwide, Inc., the CLP testing partner. 


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